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Our clients often select our expertise based on over 30 years of collective experience in the forest sector (see some of the papers we have published for this area of expertise in our  Publications section).  In Washington our clients also rely on our services related to the Washington State special designation as a Qualified Unstable Slopes Expert: see the Department of Natural Resources link www.dnr.wa.gov/Publications/fp_geo_experts.pdf).

The 25 plus acre area near Lake Roesigner had been logged at least three different times since the early 1930's and contained several subdued landslide areas and slope stability issues.

Changes in grading would help this erosion near a spring.

Slide headscarp area near the lake.

We have also been working with the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service in Region 5 to design a statistically viable method to sample the soil in Forest roadways and campgrounds for mineral analyses.  Minerals of interest include naturally occurring asbestos (NOA).  We will report more about this long-term project later so please "stay tuned!"