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Plant, Ponds and Crushed Waste Rock

Since 2009, our international client has consistently selected ARC to complete engineering design providing grading, drainage, cap and cover for one of their mining areas in Southern California.  The project is closely regulated by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, the agency that will complete the final review of our plans and specifications.  We are currently working on an update for the final design submittal in 2017.  Stay tuned as this challenging project develops. 

Our confidential client/owner required an evaluation of mine roadway access to over 14 hard rock mineral claims in a remote and very rugged portion of the northern Rocky Mountains.  Road cut-slope stability, fill failures, stream crossings and washouts were common issues affecting the estimates of economic viability.

Primitive stream crossing and a wood box culvert will require re-design for high spring runoff volumes.

Many of the roads were slated for closure by the USFS and required a careful and exact evaluation of potential issues for future maintenance and upgrade if heavy equipment were using the existing road corridors.

Water bars and rolling dips are needed to thwart the gully erosion in the access  road.

Extremely wet and soft subgrade needs reinforcement in several places on this haul road.