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ARC has successfully completed several design and construction support functions for various types of retaining and shoring systems.  These projects have included:

  • Mechanically Stabilized Earth walls (MSE)
  • Rockeries
  • Tiered and Landscaped Slopes
  • Concrete Retaining Wall Systems
  • Cantilever Pile and Wood Lagging
  • Soil Nailed Wall Systems

Our services include site survey, subsurface investigation, detailed design through permit and on-site construction support.  We continue to work closely with construction contractors specializing in retaining wall systems.  Several examples of recent projects are shown below:

Drilling for installation of grouted micropile crane supports adajcent to vertical 12 feet high soil cut.

Mechanically Stabilized Earth wall using specifically designed geofabric and compacted fill behind engineered block facing.

Cantilever soldier piles with wood lagging for earth support to facilitate new basement wall construction adjacent to existing structure.

Hilficker rock filled baskets to support roadway width on oversteepened side slope.