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First two levels of ARC designed shoring support for condominium and the City of Everett, Washington farmers market under ground garage

We have completed several temporary soil nailed shoring wall designs to support deep excavations.  Many of these projects were done to provide access for excavating underground parking structures supporting both medium and high-rise buildings.  Our geotechnical services have included site subsurface investigations, shoring plans and specifications, permit support and construction observation/testing through excavation, shoring and building foundations.

Vertical Members and Soil Nails Support Neighboring Boat Building Company

MaxCorp setting up for the first row of soil nail shoring wall at new hotel building parking garage

Laying out the wall steel to meet the cut and shotcrete cover requirements specified by ARC for permanent underground hotel parking

Puget Sound weather creates some unique challenges for the next row of soil nails.

Shoring contractor placing the next lift of reinforcing steel for the shotcrete facing designed by ARC.