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Engineered Log Jam with driven piles meeting uplift, lateral load and bearing criteria.  Jam now redirects erosion potential, Olympic Peninsula, WA.

Wayne Adams leads our team of professionals who each have over 25 years of experience and collectively maintain active engineering and geology licenses in five western States and the Province of British Columbia.

Over his career Wayne has successfully provided a full spectrum of geotechnical services as those services apply to his engineering and geology technical areas of expertise.  Having a Bachelor of Science (Geology) and a Masters (Engineering) degree as well as professional licenses in these technical areas, Wayne has gathered extensive experience in; landslide investigation/remediation, stream bank stabilization, mining applications, dam design/construction, bridge/building foundations, roadway cut/fill slopes, deep excavation shoring design, steep slope hazard assessment and Washington State Forest Practices Rules.  Mr. Adams is recognized as a "Qualified Unstable Slopes Expert" by Washington States' Department of Natural Resources (DNR),  (www.dnr.wa.gov/Publications/fp_geo_experts.pdf).

The following list provides a few examples of specific specialties recently provided to our clients;

  • Third Party Review of Permits for Municipal Governments,
  • Investigation and Remedial Design on Soil and Rock Slopes,
  • Stream and Shoreline Stabilization,
  • Control of Surface Water Erosion,
  • Shoring and Retaining Walls,
  • Soil Nailed Wall Design,
  • Construction Observation,
  • Slope Stability Analysis,
  • Mine Closure Plans and
  • Legal Support.

Failing Bulkhead and our Replacement Project in the South Pudget Sound that required driven piles to support and underpin the home.

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